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  • about me:

    Hi, I am Diljeet Singh !
    § I am currently busy with my Engineering study ..
    ♥ I love art, admire it.. and blah blah..
    ∫ I love programming too...
    ♥ I love audio-video editing...
    ♥ I love to LOVE ... :)
    You can know more about me at:
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No, and perhaphs never, untill my mind changes ;)
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This website is under construction, and will be soon in fully functional state!!

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and will be positively re-enabled soon.

a bit about this website **

  • updates:

    If possible I will be providing you with free webspace, subdomains, programming-scripts sharing platform, blogs, and much more.
    All for FREE !!!!
  • but why free ?

    Just beacuse I like this, as simple as that.
    In today's world when everyone is running just after money, people are forgetting the ethics and joy of free sharing, but still many have something else more important for them, than just money and $#&*@!, and I am always pleased to have such friends.
  • why here :

    I am here for free learning and teaching. As America is going for SOPA and PIPA, I am doing my bit for free knowledge sharing.
  • what do I get ?

    Nothing but just happiness.