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  • about me:

    Hi, I am Diljeet Singh !
    § I am currently busy with my Engineering study ..
    ♥ I love art, admire it.. and blah blah..
    ∫ I love programming too...
    ♥ I love audio-video editing...
    ♥ I love to LOVE ... :)
    You can know more about me at:
    Or directly Contact Me

sell this domain/project

No, and perhaphs never, untill my mind changes ;)
But still if you want this domain → : Click Here if you think you can change my mind 😉

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This website is under construction, and will be soon in fully functional state!!

* Some of the links have been disabled
and will be positively re-enabled soon.

a bit about this website **

  • updates:

    If possible I will be providing you with free webspace, subdomains, programming-scripts sharing platform, blogs, and much more.
    All for FREE !!!!
  • but why free ?

    Just beacuse I like this, as simple as that.
  • why here :

    To do my bit for free knowledge sharing. And for some more experiments
  • what do I get ?

    Nothing but just happiness. 😊