Concept :

This website helps the users to create projects online, add contents to it like images to be shown to others.

This website aims at the satisfaction of the users helping them show their scripts to others in a planned way, and also securing your projects providing the facility of "Tokens", with which one can show the restricted contents, that a user had put in "Token View" section at the while creating a project.

The layout of this website has been kept simple for user friendly interaction.

Visitors can search for the members according profession-wise.

Token Concept :

  • Users can plan their scripts online and add a token to any of the projects.
  • The token created can be entered in "Token Show" section and view the contents of that project.
  • The token view only shows the contents in "Token View " section of a project.
  • Enter token and view contents, or share the token with whom you want to share that particular project.
  • Token view does not require login, So anyone can view the project whose Token he/she has got...
  • Tokens are very helpful in avoiding the chances of your script steeling...



    About Website :

    This website is a project which I created during my institutional training. This website helps you to create and show scripts. I am planning to improve and add more sofisticated options and actions to facilitate users with more options..




    1. You can create new projects of your taste.
    2. To make your project more attractive, safe and secure :
    • Upload pics .
    • Provide good details to uploaded pictures.
    • Do not include "spaces" in your 'project names'.

    Token System

    Use the tokens to restrict your project view to strangers ...

    Browser compatibilities


    Use Firefox, Chrome, Netscape, Opera, Safarior iexplorer.. or other..browsers' latest versions for best views, performance..

    Best view in 1024x768 resolution.

    Sample :

    >>Include details to make your project more appealing ; eg:

    "The camera rolling from higher angle , shooting the canvas and then framing the crew member who was just to fall striking a rock in the pathway, suddenly stopped by a stranger !!!

    Second Camera rolling :from behing the stranger ..

    Still the man's face is not visible to the camera..

    Then the camera revolves around the stranger whith back-ground music "theme-sub-part2".. and then moving farther simultaneously .. showing how isloted that group was in the whole long desert ... "


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    Helpful Tips:

    1. You can create new projects of your taste, once you are registered to this website.

    I got a token :

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